IKK Südwest, Saarbrücken

Occupying 20,000 square metres of space, the new headquarters of IKK Südwest provides capacity for almost 1,000 employees who were previously dispursed in 14 different locations.

The new location in the Quartier Eurobahnhof in Saarbrücken delivers an economical more motivated, more effective environment in a five-storey main building and two-storey annex. IKK Südwest provides insurance products and services to more than 650,000 customers and more than 90,000 businesses.

  • Client: IKK Südwest
  • Dealer: B/BI Saarbrücken
  • Photos: Johannes-Maria Schlorke
  • Products: Drumback task, conference and counter chairs, Organic Office, Organic Link, Klikit