Family business with ambition

We started in 1980 as a small enterprise. Today, Viasit has developed into a furniture manufacturer with an international reputation.

Continuous growth

Alfons Weber and Werner Schmeer founded Viasit in 1980. The first head office was located in a former paper factory in Wörschweiler. A successful business model led to steady growth right from the start. Today's plant in Neunkirchen was inaugurated in 1991, and in 2000 increased in size to 8,700 sqm.

The turnover of Viasit broke through the sound barrier of 30 million euros for the first time in 2016. Today Viasit is active on all continents and an established player in the office furniture market.

Former mining site

The Viasit factory is located on the former site of the Neunkircher ironworks. The ironworks dominated the city until its closure in 1982. At its best, there were 12,000 employees, however the plant also regularly covered the city with soot and grime. 

Environmentally friendly industry

Embedded in a healthy nature, the eco-friendly Viasit plant is an example of the successful structural change in the former Montanland Saarland.