Design is for people

When designing products, our focus is always firmly on people and their needs for comfort, ergonomics and aesthetically pleasing surroundings.

At Viasit, good design is certainly not for show. It is a question of achieving the optimal blend of form, material, and function and ensuring products are intuitive to use, provide long service, and deliver high quality.

Practical ergonomics

Even the best ergonomic office chair can only deliver its health-promoting benefits to full effect if it is properly adjusted to suit its user. Viasit does everything it can to make it as easy as possible for the customer to adjust their chair.

The integrated operating elements on Viasit chairs are accompanied by pictograms, which clearly illustrate the respective function. The operating instructions for our task chairs are available in three formats.

The story of a Viasit product

The start of the design process is to identify a need in the marketplace. We entrust the product design to independent designers and, depending on the requirement, rely on the fresh vision of new designers and the experience of industry veterans.

We place considerable emphasis on sustainability, throughout the design process. We choose materials which are healthy for users, have been produced sustainably and can be recycled in the future.

Design Awards

In 2001 we won the first design award. Since then, Viasit has been regularly featured on the prizewinner lists at home and abroad.

Whether it's the Good Design Award, the Red Dot, the German Design Award or the Mixology Award - these awards, presented by independent expert juries, reflect our innovative strength and the design quality of our products and are, above all, an incentive for the future.

Viasit member of the German Design Council

Viasit is a founding member of the German Design Council. Only companies that are characterised by outstanding performance and success in the field of design and brand management are appointed to the Council.