2019.04.04 | 02:38:00

"Ultra Spring": Even greater comfort and ergonomics for sitting in the workplace

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, you barely give it a thought, however three of the most important investments in life are a good mattress, comfy shoes and something comfortable to sit on.

When you consider it at least one of these three products is nearly always in direct contact with our body and therefore has a considerable influence on our wellbeing and health. These three investments therefore pay off particularly well.

The work chair is of particular importance to professionals, who spend a considerable part of their working day sitting at a desk. In order to offer even greater comfort and ergonomics, Viasit has now transferred the basic idea of a traditional mattress to the seat of an office chair. The end result is Ultra Spring. This new feature is now as a cost-effective option for all task chair models of Drumback and Newback.

This is how Ultra Spring works

In the Ultra Spring chairs, 56 pocket springs integrated into the moulded foam of the seat ensure a particularly comfortable and softly supported sitting position.

“Blind testing” unanimously confirmed the Ultra Spring seat provided the users with the best weight and pressure distribution.

Furthermore, Ultra Spring offers the best seat climate, cooler sitting, and exceptional hygiene properties. Office workers benefit from fabulous long-lasting comfort while being guaranteed a long-term positive contribution to their health.

Useful and versatile – the Drumback and Newback family

The difference between "Ultra Spring" seat and our standard PU moulded foam seat is barely noticeable. This additional health feature upgrades Viasit's successful Drumback and Newback ranges without compromising the award-winning design by Martin Ballendat.

Thanks to the creative relationship, all Drumback and Newback work chairs can be combined with Drumback visitor and conference chairs which together provide a harmonious, uniform overall look.

Healthy sitting in the office – that is what Viasit stands for

Ultra Spring is part of the product offensive which Viasit is currently launching about healthy sitting. Ergonomics in the workplace has been a key subject since the company was founded and has manifested itself in various successful product ranges. The company, based in Germany's Saarland, is now attempting to offer additional alternatives for healthy sitting beyond the classic product features. Examples are the new 3D mechanics in the F1 as a "Low end" solution for dynamic sitting, and the new CoreChair, which premiered at Orgatec 2018.

CoreChair focuses on the much talked-about subjects of ergonomics and dynamic sitting and opts here for a completely new philosophy of its own. Its constructive highlights are the pressure-point optimised seat and its patented 3D mechanics which can tilt by 14° in all directions and the resistance of which can be adjusted to the comfort requirements of the user.

When trying the chair, you immediately notice that the CoreChair seat is perfectly formed for optimal distribution of pressure and provides unbelievable comfort even during long periods of sitting. With the assistance of a pelvic support, it gently holds the body in the ergonomically desirable, upright posture.

The patented mechanics are the second feature which clearly sets CoreChair apart from conventional office chairs. It can be moved in all directions – it is individually adjustable, in this way promoting continuous small movements of the torso. The CoreChair therefore gently strengthens the musculature of the torso. This protects the user against back pain and, with the constant physical activity, against the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.

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