2021.01.14 | 12:10:00

"Impulse" and "Impulse Too" are awarded the French environmental certificate NFE

Two of our product lines, Impulse and Impulse Too have been certified according to the French "NF Environment". This certificate combines product safety and ecological footprint.

The "NF Environment" label, first introduced in 1991, is awarded, subject to application, by the independent French certification body AFNOR. The NF Environnement certificate distinguishes the usability and environmental friendliness of products over their entire useful life and even includes product packaging.

The certified characteristics are quality, durability, product safety, and the product's impact on health and the environment. Issues such as the energy used in production, the avoidance of using potentially harmful materials such as heavy metals, and the professional coding of product components to facilitate later recycling according to type are examined. 

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