2024.04.17 | 09:37:00

Viasit achieves Bronze medal for sustainability

Sustainability and transparency are becoming increasingly important in business and Viasit is recognized as a pioneer of the cause. This cause is proven by our regular successful EMAS audits and our Level 3 certification.

The achievement of and compliance with these international standards attest to the success of our efforts to date, they are also a constant incentive to continue to improve our compliance with ethical, social, and ecological standards in the future.

Desktop audit!

In March 2024, we received another award that positively assesses our sustainability performance. Ecovadis, a global provider of sustainability assessments, has developed a standardised procedure that reviews and evaluates the sustainability performance of companies based on certain parameters. The assessment is carried out digitally as a desktop audit using a methodology that covers 200 industries in 176 countries. Companies are required to complete a questionnaire and upload supporting documents. We were largely able to utilise the same data that Michael Schmitt, our Head of Sustainability, regularly collects for our Level 3 and EMAS assessments. This data was analysed and validated by Ecovadis analyst teams.

Sustainability and transparency

Ecovadis assesses the four core areas of environment, labour, human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. The results lead to a scorecard with an overall rating from 0 to 100 points and detailed insights into individual areas. This scorecard shows the maturity level of sustainability management and indicates risks and potential for improvement. Over 100,000 companies have already been assessed by Ecovadis, and more than 1,000 purchasing organisations use the Ecovadis platform to assess their suppliers. Ecovadis enjoys a particularly high reputation among medium-sized and large companies.

The best of the best!

The best companies are awarded medals on a bronze, silver and gold basis with Viasit achieving a Bronze standard. placing us in the top 35% of companies assessed by Ecovadis in the past twelve months. All assessment results are published on the Ecovadis platform and are therefore available to all market participants: Companies that evaluate their own supply chains; applicants who want to convince themselves of the sustainable orientation of their future employer, or end customers who want to decide in favour of a sustainable supplier when purchasing products.


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