Neunkirchen Office

Following conversion work, the office building in Neunkirchen serves as a 'living showroom' for Viasit products.

Welcome to the Business Club! 

A modern, attractively designed working environment is good for the motivation and creativity of staff members. As an office furniture manufacturer, we frequently tell our customers this fact. 

We have refurbished the administration floor of the Viasit factory with this in mind and are now therefore practising what we preach. 

Concentration and communication

An important aspect of the refurbishment of the office floor was the improvement of individual working spaces. These were optimised in size and ergonomically enhanced with electrical height adjustment, and soft partitions were used to improve acoustics and create order from a visual perspective.

Anti-glare suspended lights with the newest technology bathe the workplace in a comfortable light.


Areas where activities call for a degree of discretion were planned as individual rooms with glass walls in order to preserve the overall breadth of the space.


Klikit stools in the 'kitchenette'. Klikit stools can be used for spontaneous meetings with colleagues and customers, with an espresso machine, USB charging station and refrigerator in close proximity.

Get together

'Organic Office' and 'Organic Link' are open space and lounge furniture systems from Viasit. They help create a far more relaxed meeting environment than the more  traditional and rather formal conference room or closed space.