Organic Link bench with screen

Organic Link can be adapted and is suitable for a workplace coffee or snack area or even a mobile workplace for individuals or groups. Organic Link follows the same holistic design principle as Viasit's Organic Office. For flexible office environments, from a single source, which can help project a corporate identity.

Design: Carsten Feil
Palma Kunkel Architektur + Design


  • Modular lounge furniture system with multi-configurable elements

  • Upholstery made of high-quality moulded polyether foam with an additional non-woven cover

  • Light screening elements featuring composite honeycomb technology and with acoustically effective fabric covers

Product information


CO₂ balance

0.023 - 0.064 to

CO2 emission of a chair of the series
(incl. packing)

Recycled content

5.89 - 19.26%

Content of recycled materials
(incl. packing)


99.95 - 99.97%

Content of components suitable for reuse
(incl. packing)



German Design Award

The German Design Award is presented in recognition of innovative products and projects that are considered to be pioneering in the German and international design community.

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