On 18th of October, Dr. Heino Klingen and Roland Krämer presented the EMAS certificate to Viasit directors Werner and Thomas Schmeer.

2017.10.24 | 11:53:00

Viasit is now EMAS certified

Viasit has undertaken a series of internal initiatives for health, environmental and social issues under the motto “Taking Responsibility”. These initiatives include a “Diversity Charter”, and adopting an environmental management system according to ISO 14001. In June 2017, Viasit took the next step forwards and obtained voluntary EMAS certification for its environmental management system.

Setting an example

EMAS certification requires much higher standards than ISO 14001 because it also incorporates clearly defined environmental objectives to which our company is bound – such as lower energy consumption, and the use of packaging materials and certain resources.

These objectives are described in detail in our environmental statement and are available to the public. Our achievements are reviewed by regular state-accredited environmental audits. For Viasit, these environmental targets primarily relate to the use of packaging materials, material consumption in production, and the proportion of renewable energy.

A “clean pair of hands”

Compared to other companies in our market sector, the impact of Viasit’s activities on the environment are low. Even though our premises are located on the site of a former smelting works, and are situated near Neunkirchen town centre within an industrial heritage landscape (“LIK”) under conservation administration, there have been no concerns or complaints in relation to noise pollution or any other negative environmental impacts. The Company’s water, heat energy and electricity consumption with its 130 employees is no higher than that of a residential area with a similar number of people.

While environmental protection has always been a priority for Viasit, this is also due to Viasit’s relatively low depth of production. A large part of this value is created through our supplier chain – who are subject to the same regular, strict environmental audits as we are at Viasit.

The vast majority of components and raw materials used in the production of our products come from European suppliers. This makes it easier to control environmental impact while also reducing mileage. Regardless of this we always have opportunities for improvement and these are enshrined in our environmental statement.

What is EMAS?

EMAS stands for “Eco-Management and Audit Scheme”, a community scheme for voluntary environmental management and environmental audits. In the EU, EMAS is controlled by each member state.

EMAS was developed by the European Community in 1993 as an instrument for companies seeking to improve their environmental performance. The establishment of an environmental management system and the processes under EMAS also complies with ISO 14001. EMAS, however, goes much further than a pure management system.

EMAS focuses on performance: The company undertakes to continuously improve its environmental performance over and above the requirements of environmental laws. Employees are involved and sensitised to environmental issues in their daily work. Environmental management should be manifested by all, rather collecting dust as unread handbooks stacked on a shelf. Through EMAS, the company is bound to prepare an environmental statement on a regular basis. All activities, resource and energy consumptions, emissions, waste created, etc. relevant to the environment are published in this statement.

Regular environment audits conducted by an independent, licenced environmental verifier ensure that the disclosed figures are honest. A monitoring audit is conducted annually to review compliance, and recertification takes place every three years. The environmental statement is updated and published annually.

Viasit will complete its next EMAS recertification in 2020.

EMAS-Environmental Statement


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