2021.03.09 | 12:10:00

Viasit is LEVEL certified

In February 2021, Viasit achieved certification according to the LEVEL standard of the Federation of the European Office Furniture Industry FEMB.

LEVEL is an independent, comprehensive standard that takes a holistic approach to sustainability assessment. The assessment encompasses not only individual products and the behavior of the company but scrutinizes all aspects from products to manufacturing to the organisational framework conditions in the company and the complete supply chain.


Transparency in sustainability

The catalogue of requirements specifically examines the environmental impacts that the company has in the four aspects of materials, energy, environment and on the health of people and the ecosystem and evaluates them according to a three-level point system.

For customers and market partners, LEVEL certification delivers greater transparency in a confusing variety of sustainability seals and standards that are awarded based on different criteria, sometimes in competition with each other. Even specialists in this field struggle to keep track of this jungle of standards.

Our certification handled by SCS Global Services, a testing institute based in the USA and accredited according to the ISO 17065 sustainability standard.


Sustainability as a corporate goal

Sustainability been a corporate goal for Viasit for many years and is pursued with intelligent solutions throughout the entire value chain, starting with ecological product design and ending with the return of chairs at the end of their life.

An organisational advantage of LEVEL certification was the introduction of the EMAs environmental management system in 2017. The demands of EMAS go far beyond those of ISO 14001 and entailed the introduction of a system for measuring environmental performance and provided some of the data required for LEVEL certification.

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