Viasit celebrates jubilee

A sincere thank you to our all of our customers, the users of our products, our trade partners and suppliers and friends all over the world for 40 successful years!

40 years ago, at Viasit

In 1980 Helmut Schmidt was Federal Chancellor, Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister and Jimmy Carter was the President. There were neither cell phones nor the internet, but there was a phone booth on every corner. Germany was  still divided, but the foundation of Solidarnosc in Poland already pointed to the future of Europe. 

And in the Saarland, Alfons Weber and Werner Schmeer joined forces and started the “venture of a lifetime”: the founding of their own company - the office seating manufacturer "Variasit". Today, the renamed Viasit is an established brand leader in the German and international office furniture markets.

145 years of Viasit experience in one photo

From left to right: Marion Umland, Elke Henschel, Hartmut Hutzel and Managing Director Werner Schmeer, the four longest serving employees of Viasit. 

Company founder Werner Schmeer naturally has the most years of service under his belt. His three colleagues have all been on board for 35 years and have experienced and shaped the early pioneering days in Wörschweiler.

Cooperative partnerships characterise the company culture at Viasit. Many of our employees have been with us for decades. We also maintain personal relationships with our specialised partners, dealers and importers all over the world, which are maintained in the long term by mutual trust and respect.

How long does a Viasit chair actually last?

With good care an exceptionally long time! Helmut Thamerus worked as a freelance graphic designer for Viasit in 1986 and used a Viasit "Simultan" chair at his workplace. Mr. Thamerus has long since retired and his chair has served him faithfully for 36 years, has been repaired only once in all those years - free of charge – by Viasit, and last stood in the home office in his Saarbrücken home. 

The Simultan series was launched in 1984 and was the Company’s first in house developed chair family, shaping  the Viasit program for over a decade.